Advocacy and Professional Affiliations


Provincial Roundtable on Violence against Women 

The roundtable provides advice to the government on ongoing and emerging gender-based violence issues and will assist the government in implementing the It's Never Okay is part of the government's plan to provide more security, protection and equal opportunity for all Ontarians. It will help ensure that everyone in the province can live in safety and is free from the threat, fear or experience of sexual violence and harassment.



Techsdale (TXDL) is a mentorship and development program, that teachs young people how to make games, apps and websites. Techsdale was created not only to help youth express themselves through digital media, but to also to diversify the technology sector by steering young people of racialized backgrounds into employability options.

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Pride Toronto 

Pride Toronto is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to bring people together to celebrate the history, courage and diversity of our community.